Artist Statement


My current work explores the places and spaces of our current society. I work with oil paint to reflect and heighten the beauty that people typically call mundane. I work to create art of multiple layers. The first layer, being the first glance of the image is appreciated, but the longer you look at the piece, the more interesting it becomes.


My work is an entry point for people of different backgrounds, to find a commonality within my work. Like a bridge. This is done in two distinct bodies of work, one that reflects “non-place” and the other that reflects “places”.


“Non-places” are areas of transience that are not significant enough to be regarded as a place. This series of paintings captures specific moments of isolation within airports, supermarkets, new housing developments, subways, and hotels. They exhibit the presence of modernity and the absence of humanity.


The places are the opposite, they have a history, and work to build community.


To translate the ideas of non-place and place into the visual quality of my work, I incorporate crisp, high-definition, contrasting color and the strong presence of light. I reference these cinematic elements to embody ideas of stark, impersonal space. Visually striking films influence my choices of lighting, volume and perspective. My paintings seek to establish a sense of psychology for the viewer. 


                                                                                                                                                Courtland Blade